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Shanah has served as a regional and global market and trend researcher for multiple organizations including the Impact Hub Global Network, serving as their Good Governance Global Community of Practice Lead.  She also mapped strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the global B Corp network for her Ph.D. dissertation.

Shanah's professional experience includes owning companies and consulting in diverse sectors including tech, affordable housing, education, engineering, economic development, sustainability, energy, and leadership development.  Shanah also served as the five-year CEO of Smart Sustainability Consulting, a company she started with ten staff.  Her clients have included Johnson Controls, SAIC, the Department of Defense, The Academy of the Pacific, Punahou, The Department of Education, Philips Inc., Amel Technologies, Lighting and Engineering Integrated, Hawaii Energy Efficiency, Family Programs, and more.  She also helped found and/or lead Hawaii's associations for green business, renewable energy, and impact investing.    

For these efforts she earned awards from the Hawaii State Legislator, the University of Hawaii President's Office, Pacific Edge Magazine, and Pacific Business News.  She was named One Who Will Shape Hawaii for the Next 50 Years by Hawaii Business Magazine and was Hawaii Venture Capitalist Society's 2015 Social Impact Entrepreneur of the Year Award for co-founding and Directing Impact Hub Honolulu, the State’s largest co-working center.  

Shanah is originally from Canada and currently divides her time between Toronto and San Francisco.  She is working on her second book titled "The Beginners Guide to Evolving the Global Economy" and her third book titled "The Spiritual Journey of Entrepreneurship."