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Shanah maps and engages an organizations's ecosystem to co-create program goals, design pilots and engagement strategies, perform assessments, and guide scaling.

“This program helped provide a direct portal to real-world start-up activities, as well as business planning, budgeting, patenting and more.”
— Peter Quigley, Associate VP, University of Hawaii Community Colleges
“...we have already started to see the positive impacts this program has had in its very unique way of attacking energy reduction. We have only completed the first of five sessions at our Diamond Head facilities and are estimating savings of more than $35,000 in the first twelve months...We feel fortunate to be a part of this program and are confident that it will help us succeed in our energy reduction goal of 25% by 2017.”
— Neal S. Mitsuyoshi, P.E. Lieutenant Colonel, Chief Engineering Officer
“After seeing how Kalani School found big savings through this training, we’re excited to empower all of Hawaii’s students to reduce the State’s second largest energy bill!”
— Randy Moore, Department of Education Assistant Superintendent