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We Are The Ones we've been waiting for

We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For...

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Dr. Shanah Trevenna B.Sc. Mech. Eng., M.A. Urban Planning, Ph.D. Political Science, has been leading and guiding leaders of companies and non-profit organizations for fifteen years. With degrees and credentials spanning mechanical engineering, urban planning, enterprise management, LEED, renewable energy, futures studies, B Corp, and political science (specializing in business economics for building a sustainable macro economy), she speaks and consults globally. 

Shanah's unique style as an executive and leadership coach bridges her broad academic and professional experience with a honed intuition that helps leaders harmonize team dynamics, sense into markets and business strategies, navigate the uncertainty of business development, create work-life balance, cultivate their authentic leadership styles, and ultimately connect with their true nature and purpose for their most fulfilling life.  

Shanah also is an award winning program and curriculum designer.  She earned a College Educators’ International Award for designing and teaching multiple courses, and co-designed an eight-campus business accelerator program for the University of Hawaii.  She currently designs curriculum and teaches globally for the International Business Innovation Association.

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Leadership COACHING

Shanah works one-on-one with CEOs, Directors and diverse leaders on all aspects of leadership including team dynamics, work-life balance, leadership style, communication strategy, professional path, purposeful work, and more.  She provides guidance and support in all aspects of business development including mission, vision, values, governance, operations, strategy, pivoting, and especially in navigating uncertainty.

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TEAM Formation

By helping an organization engage all their stakeholders Shanah supports the creation and/or evolution of a Board, Executive team, or creative team including helping cultivate board dynamics, processes, and priorities.

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Shanah maps and engages an organizations's ecosystem to  co-create program goals, design, pilots and engagement Dstrategies, perform assessments, and guide scaling.

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Shanah has been a keynote speaker, panel participant, and Session Chair at many campuses including Harvard, as well as many industry and professional conferences and corporate retreats.

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