CEO/Leadership Coaching & Business Development


Shanah works one-on-one with CEOs, Directors and diverse leaders on all aspects of leadership including team dynamics, work-life balance, leadership style, communication strategy, professional path, purposeful work, and more. She provides guidance and support in all aspects of business development including mission, vision, values, governance, operations, strategy, pivoting, and especially in navigating uncertainty.

“My business partner and I had been at an increasingly contentious crossroad for 18 months. When I met Shanah I was in a reactionary mindset - defensive, anxious and confused. I was stuck in a negative loop around my business partnership and unable to get above it. As a co-owner of a $1 million employment consulting firm, I questioned my ability to lead my company without a business partner and yet the business could not effectively operate with the co-owner dynamic currently in play. I’m so thankful for our call one fateful Thursday night. In a moment when I felt the most negative intensity, Shanah was there to smooth the sharp edges and elevate me by sharing what vision was coming to her. She helped illuminate a path for me that I didn’t see. As a result, I moved forward and have now bought my partner out with confidence and clarity. But it gets better - sharing the higher perspective she saw about the dynamic between my partner and I was the support I needed to communicate my thoughts and feelings to my partner with love rather than resentment. Therefore, our business meeting on the buyout was empowering for both of us. I sit on the plane home following the meeting relieved to report that defensiveness has been replaced with openness, anxiousness has been replaced with excitement and confusion has been replaced with clarity. I am eternally grateful for Shanah and the sharing of her intuitive gifts with me.”
— Christel Caputo, CEO, CBI Employment, New York
“Shanah is one of the most intuitive, yet rationally strategic advisors, we have had the pleasure of working with. With the perfect balance of heart, mind and spirit, she helps us refine our leadership, listening to subtle cues from our bodies and emotions as additional information to guide our decision making. She brings such a diverse body of knowledge and is able to apply it succinctly to the objective at hand. She’s such a joy to work with and we look forward to every experience with her.”
— Mina Lee, Consciousness Hacking 501c3, San Francisco
“I’m so thankful for Shanah’s help in shifting my patterns to see things in a more mindful way. Before I worked with Shanah I was at a blocked wall in all areas of my life, business, love and home. It was taking me 2 years to sell my business and it wasn’t an easy road. I realize now I was blocking myself at every turn. Within seven days of putting Shanah’s guidance to the test, my life was literally transformed. I have a new awareness and feel an entirely new sense of identity. I sold the business, moved out of a store I was in for over 10 years, moved apartments and let go of all the pain around old love. I am finally FREE and am so happy and grateful as Shanah gave me the insight I needed to release my blocks and find all the answers within myself.”
— Maria Emma, CEO Embroider It, New York
“Shanah’s help in tailoring my Ted Talk and coaching on its delivery not only helped me provide a Ted-worthy performance, but helped me narrow in on my professional path to make a major life transition toward work-life balance.”
— Quayle Hodek, CEO, Renewable Choice Energy, Boulder, Colorado